Sunday, December 03, 2006


The front page of today's 'Observer' carries the headline: 'One person a week killed by mentally ill'. The 'Sunday Times' goes with 'Mentally ill murder 400' and the BBC and Channel 4 similarly report that 'More than 400 people have been killed by psychiatric patients...over the last eight years'.

These figures are taken from a new report called 'Avoidable Deaths' that details the failings of the 'care' in the community programme.

The full reports gives us another statistic; that 25 mentally ill patients a week commit suicide. That's 10,400 over eight years. Sadly the press finds this depressing statistic much less newsworthy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typical of the media to portray people with mental health issues as "crazies" or "mad". This country has a less-than-glorious history in the assisting of MH, and even today services and help is slashed in the name of "progress". It's heartening to see at least one person talk about suicides of the mentally unwell.

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