Sunday, January 11, 2009


In the early hours of 9th December 2008 I awoke from a nightmare. I had dreamed that I was being shown around a large empty house. My guide advised me to stay away from a certain floor where a murder had been committed long ago and which had been haunted ever since.
At some point I lost my guide and made my way to the haunted floor. Strange noises, bangings, overpowering sense of dread... I awoke in a panic and put the light on for a few minutes until I dared try to sleep again.

Later I made a brief note of the dream in a notebook before I left for work and thought no more of it

I met a friend for lunch who told me that he’d had an “awful” dream in the early hours of the morning. He’d dreamed that he was visiting a house where a murder had just been committed and he awoke as he saw the axe-wielding murderess watching him through a doorway. He awoke in a cold sweat.


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