Friday, July 27, 2007


Human nature being what it is;
Invariably courteous and unapproachable,
This state of moral weakness,
That lamentable substitute for courage.
Tropical nature has been kind to the failure of the commercial enterprise;
The business was done by a guest,
He set off rolling on his bandy legs to impart to his masters the astonishing discovery of a woman.

That night the girl woke up,
Tense enough almost to hear the grass grow,
More in the manner of a squirrel than a cat
With a slow, floating descent into vertical folds,
Which once upon a time had measured the hours of philosophic meditation.
But already all her aroused femininity,
All aquiver with the effort to set the earth on fire.
As long as I am free to plug him or rip him,
The flush of rapture flooding her whole being.
You'll have to forgive me;

(first and last lines from Joseph Conrad's ''Victory'')

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


A telephone-bell rang in a belted green crepe silk dress, opened the door, did not look at the pistol. He raises his arms for half an hour in his bedroom that was a living-room now the wall was huddled in the armchair by the forearms. Spade returned to the beginning day and sat on the end of the long thin smokiness. The Belvedere Divan reduced the night to a Fat Man. Gutman opened the door carrying Spade with his arms around the outer door. His eyes were motionless under a deep red forehead. The telephone protruded loosely, pouting. The table staring with uneasy eyes into the telephone directory. The shortest farewells are a lie.

(having fun with Dashiel Hammett)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Flowers falling lightly, the broken swimwear of tremeloes. The echoes run through her long dark hair like breadcrumbs from a bishop’s banquet.
The betrayal of symphonies and the aching of cliffs of amber and only. Subjected once again to the all encompassing roar. A fire rises unbidden and unties the shoelaces of the twin boys who laugh and run away through the fields.
They say who dances must pay and lightening strikes but is always selective. Such power is not be wasted.

(extract from an Automatic Writing)

Friday, July 06, 2007


Every day has it's dog.

A long storm is permanent.

A leper can't change his spots.

After a spider's wedding there are pears to gather up.

Birth is much but breathing is more.

Put out your teeth when it is raining.

Grazed knees don't grow on trees.

For good advice consult a tarantula.