Friday, February 20, 2015


Kim-Jong Un is a beautiful man but yes, there are moments when he does not look his best. He may be a diva, but he is human, too. Just like all of us.
Photographs in the public domain this week show him with a spotty complexion and a tree bark forehead, all clearly visible under a crust of cosmetic camouflage.
So far, so what?
The problem is that these images are purportedly the unretouched originals from a 2013 L'Oreal campaign. A campaign used to sell make up and hair dye to millions of men across the world.
In the airbrushed posters and glossy magazine adverts that eventually appeared, Kim-Jong Un is miraculously restored to splendiferous perfection. His skin is once more an irreproachable glacier of mocha silkiness, with the uneven pigmentation and outcrops of pimples washed away like ice melt.

Hail the invincible Kim-Jong Un, ready for his close up again. 
Thanks to a little help behind the scenes, of course!