Saturday, March 29, 2008


What does love bring?
Weekend fun, the strokes and
ten stock doves in a stubble field.

Was this part of a mating ritual?
He played golf this afternoon
with the remains of a rabbit in his talons.

Do you think you are the only one?
From flat confusion and
being harrassed by corvids.

Why are you so aggressive?
I’m just here for the sexual thrills.
Coming over and over.
We love but we may be
singing from the dead dolphin wood.


Sunday, March 09, 2008


"UHHHH! Events are the real dialectics of history. They transcend all arguments, all personal judgements, UHH all vague and irresponsible wishes. Events, with the inexorable logic of their development, LICK MY BALLS give the worker and peasant masses, who are conscious of their destiny, these lessons. FUCK!!! The class struggle at a certain MMMMMmoment reaches a stage in which the proletariat no longer finds in bourgeois legality, i.e. in the bourgeois UHHHHHHHHH!!! State apparatus (armed forces, courts, administration), the elementary guarantee and defence of its elementary right to UHH-UHHH life, to ffffffuuuuu----ffffreedom, to personal safety, to daily bread. OH GOD It is then forced to create its own legality, to create its own apparatus of resistance and defence. At certain moments in the life of the people, this is an absolute historical necessity, transcending every OHHHH desire, every wish, every wwwhim, OH YESSSS every personal impulse. SHHHHIIIIIITTTT! Events present themselves as a universal fatality, with the overwhelming momentum of natural phenomena. Men, as individuals and en masse, OH, I SAY!! find themselves placed brutally before the following dilemma: hnnngggggggg chances of death one hundred, chances of life ten, a choice must be made. And men WOOF-WOOF! always choose the chances of life, even if these are slight, even if they only offer a wretched and mmmmmmm exhausted life. They fight for these slight chances, and their v-v-v-vitality is such GOD YEAHHHHH and their FFFUCK!! passion so great that they break every obstacle and sweep away even the most awesome apparatus of power. FUUUUUCK YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!"